Intro Phys Anthro Texts?

janis silva (jsilva@SPARC1.CASTLES.COM)
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 08:42:22 -0800

Fellow Physical Anthropology Instructors,

Last week I asked the Cultural Anthropology instructors if they would
submit the names of their texts/readers that they are or were using in
their intro. classes. I received over 40 responses. The list of
texts/readers plus positive anonymous comments were compiled and put on the
bulletin board last Friday. I was surprised that some texts that I have
considered for adoption were not even mentioned such as Crapo, Nanda,
Scupin, Spradley & McCurdy, etc. I use Ferraro, Haviland, Annual Editions,
and Podolefsky/Brown. Possibly our sampling was too small.

Physical anthropology instructors, if you submit the names of your intro.
texts and/or readers plus comments, I will compile the data and post it in
two weeks. Maybe this query should be cross-posted? What other bulletin
board should it also be on?

I use the text Stein & Rowe and the reader from Lewin.


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