rape and ethnic cleansing

lynn maners (ICZY013@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU)
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 07:51:00 PST

What is so disturbing and disgusting about the rape of women (and some men) in
Bosnia is that it appears to be the result of official policy and not just the
egregious opportunity rape which usually occurs during war time. There are now
numerous documented cases of the deliberate rape of Bosnian Croat and Moslem w
omen in order to 1) impregnate them with a half-Serbian child and/or 2) to dest
roy their communities by forcing/encouraging/allowing neighbors and "friends" t
o rape their female neighbors, thereby attempting to create a permanent state o
f hatred between people who dwelled in the same community. Rape is thus part of
a deliberate policy to divide what was, prewar, a tolerant,multi-ethnic societ
y. Pretty hard to imagine in a society which had 25% mixed marriage (45% in Sar
ajevo where I did most of my fieldwork) Ethnic cleansing is its result.