Re: what to call them -Reply

richley crapo (RCRAPO@WPO.HASS.USU.EDU)
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 14:58:25 -0700

Maureen Korp's reaction to the phrase "low level
energy societies" (which I presume contrasts with
"low energy-level societies") reminds me of a letter
to the editor I clipped from the Guardian some
years ago:

"Sir--If the apostrophe be a dying species, the
hyphen is surely similarly endangered--and much
more likely to result in misunderstanding if abused
or simply omitted. Take, for example, your
reference to 'extra marital sex' (Naked Ape,
November 7): I understand this to be the
legitimate desire of many married people who do
not necessarily have recourse to the 'extra-marital
sex' that your contributor had in mind"

I legitimize this "contribution" on the grounds that
there was a thread about anthropological humor
some time ago.