Re: tax book for academics

Ned Dwyer (edwyer@RISD.EDU)
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 18:20:59 -0500

The standard is " Tax Guide for College Teachers" published by Academic
Information Service Inc. PO. Box 929, College Park, Maryland 20741. It is
usually updated annualy, but was not this year, since there were few
changes in the tax law for 1994.

On Sat, 7 Jan 1995, MS TERRI A CASTANEDA wrote:

> Does anyone know of a book/guide specifically for academics (w/info on how
> to deduct conference expenses etc.)? I seem to recall the existence of
> one several years ago, but recently checked with the local (Sacramento)
> Barnes & Noble and they couldn't find one. Thanks. Terri Castaneda