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> New HOMELESS list, January 1995
> [Please repost this announcement to other lists or persons
> that might find it of interest.]
> It is our pleasure to announce the introduction of a new list --
> HOMELESS. HOMELESS is a global electronic discussion list focused on the
> subject of Homelessness. The topic is multidiciplinary in its scope, and
> it is our hope that this electronic forum will provide a place in which a
> variety of viewpoints on homelessness can be discussed.
> In the HOMELESS list you are likely to encounter communication from
> people whom are currently homeless, from people that are currently
> 'homed', and from people from 'all-walks-of-life.' The HOMELESS list
> invites any person with an interest in homelessness to participate in our
> exploration of the topic and the issues that surround it. We hope that
> the HOMELESS list will provide a network where a wide range of information
> may be shared.
> The HOMELESS list is maintained through the list's host,
> Communications for a Sustainable Future (CSF), located at the University
> of Colorado at Boulder. The HOMELESS list is an unmoderated and open list,
> so all messages posted to the list ( will
> automatically be redistributed around the world.
> In addition to the discussion list, HOMELESS also maintains a global
> electronic archive of information relating to the topic. Currently there
> are frequently asked question files, bibliographies, and academic papers in
> the archive. The archive is accessible via ftp and gopher at
>, under Progressive Sociology. It is also accessible via
> the mosaic, lynx and other web browsers at
> As the list coordinator for HOMELESS, Dee Southard
> ( invites you to subscribe to HOMELESS and to
> contribute to the discussion and to the archive.
> To subscribe to the HOMELESS discussion list simply send the message below
> to:
> Sub Homeless Yourfirstname Yourlastname
> If you have technical problems in subscribing, please contact Lynn Schaper
> at our host site, Communications for a Sustainable Future:
> To post directly to the list, send your message to: