Flame Fests

Scott Holmes (sholmes@NETCOM.COM)
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 22:38:33 -0800

features of the topics that are useful for analysis of flame fests.
For instance, both the Rushton and sexism threads contain concerns
for access to limited resources (ie jobs, money, etc). It was, in
fact, this characteristic that lead me back to our discussions on the
origins of warfare. Most people agreed that a major motivating factor
for war was access to limited resources.

The first step in an analysis of flame fests would be identification
of incendiary topics then identifying individual characteristics of each
topic. Then, determination of which characterisitics are common to
flame fests. We would also need to identify exact points of ignition.
Perhaps a list of key words could be used for indices and/or
accusatory phrases or instances of what could be perceived as personal
attacks or insults.

My interest in this has nothing to do with placing blame or embarrassing
anyone. Flame fests are a new phenomena but they have become widespread.
They occur in just about any list or news group. I think it would behoove us
to gain some understanding of the dynamics of this phenomena. The effects
of these fests range from mild amusement of participants to the
ruination of discussion groups. I think we are all aware of the possibility
of law suits as well. Thus, ramifications of this phenomena are

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