Re: your mail

Todd N Nims (nimstod@MAIL.AUBURN.EDU)
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 21:04:52 -0600

I agree! I opened up my mail to find 261 messages and I am thinking
"WOW, maybe something interesting a great went on while I was away. Boy
was I wrong. I think the D key on this computer is going to break. What
huge load of wasted thought.

Todd N. Nims
Auburn University, AL

On Wed, 4 Jan 1995, Charles F.B. Robinson wrote:

> I thought when I got on the Anthropology Bulletin Board I would be talking
> to people and finding out about other anthropologist professional field
> work around the world but for 2 weeks all I get is a bunch of people fight-
> ing about a stuped word like litte chilren and on there peronal syMANtics
> of the English language.