Anth in K-12 Soc.Stud?

Thu, 5 Jan 1995 12:34:52 CST

In my new job I'm getting new questions. Here is one; perhaps one of
you can lead me to some answers?

Now that "Man--A Course of Study" is in the curricular dustbin, what
K-12 models are there to integrate anthropological content in U.S.
pubic education? More specific:
*How can Goals 2000 standards include anthro in the soc. studies?
*Have other state assessments included anthropology? How?
*What content makes the most sense grades K-6?
While the national standards business raises prickly questions about
standardized testing, a hegemonic curricula, and all, it may at the same
time provide an open window into which to toss some anthro content.

Please share your thoughts on any of these points. We are just now
devising a state-wide social studies assessment that will hit elementary
middle school and high school here in Kansas. Top down is bad for some
kinds of development, but for moving curriculum along it can have a
rapid result. Our math assessment brought about some real instructional
change at the elementary level. Should we not find a way to impact the K-12
curriculum in all this Goals 2000 business? I know my colleagues in
Anth & Ed have worked long and hard on this topic; I need a quick
refresher and help to integrate what has been done into a Goals 2000

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...of course the "N"ew"t" congress may change Goals 2000...