Re: guys again

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 22:23:08 PST

On Jan 4, Carter Pate said:

>John Ford legitimately does not wish to be included in Leif
>Hendricksen's type of "guys."
Thanks, Carter, for legitimating John Ford's wish to not be my
type. Believe me, he's not!

Concerning an alternate meaning you might've had, I'm an
individual and don't need a following. I encourage people to
think for themselves. I wouldn't want anyone to copy me; that
would defeat the desire for individualism. Accept the sincere
guidance of worthy teachers, but don't succumb to the dictates of

To the others, this has all been fun, but there's snow in the
mountains so I've got to shift gears- on my car that is. I'm
driving up there tomorrow for some MANeuvering on the ski slopes.
I have a penchant for those black-diamond mogul runs- at least
while my knees still hold out!

Save those flames, I may need some for warmth when I get back.
In case they burn out while I'm away, maybe the list can get back
to the earlier topic- human rights for ALL mankind. And if you
discuss some new and interesting topics, I may not have much
to say. I'll be too busy reading and learning.

Peace to all,