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Anj Petto (ajpetto@MACC.WISC.EDU)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 12:31:37 -0600

Here is an update on the whereabouts of PAN...

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>PAN@GWUVM is evolving into PAN-L@PSUORVM.CC.PDX.EDU. This
>change is due to the move of the International Institute for
>Human Evolutionary Research, where PAN is based, from George
>Washington University to the newly founded Central Oregon
>University Center in Bend, Oregon. PAN-L is located at Portland
>State University, one of the affiliated universities with IIHER.
>If you are an old subscriber to the PAN list you need to do
>nothing; your subscription has already been moved. If you have
>subscribed to the PAN list within the last month, your
>subscription may or may not have been moved yet. To make sure,
>sign up by sending an e-mail message to
>For problems you may reach me, Noel Boaz, your PAN editor, at
>This is the last call for department news for the Fall Issue of
>PAN, which is going to press November 1. You may simply reply
>to this message (the GWUVM address will still be usable until
>November 1) or send news to the new address. If your
>subscription to PAN has lapsed you may re-susbcribe
>electronically by sending your name and address to the list and
>receive the next issue. You will be billed the annual $6 ($5
>for students) for covering printing and mailing costs. The fall
>issue has expanded sections on NSF and NIH news, position
>announcements, and general news items. Feature articles are on
>the Wenner-Gren Foundation, Australopithecus ramidis, and the
>new Biological Anthropology Research Database (BARD) initiative.
>There is an updated e-mail directory and of course news of
>departments. Let us hear from you!

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