Re: The Meaning of *Man* (N.S.)

David Beriss (beriss@BCF.USC.EDU)
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 23:42:00 -0800

> In the debate over gendered language, no-one has mentioned the
>fact that one of Britain's (and, for that matter, the world's) leading
>journals of anthropology is called - simply - *Man* (N.S.).

Actually, I mentioned it, without actually naming it, in my one contribution
to this thread. I wrote: "As for the names of museums or other
"distinguished" institutions, well, change may be good. After all, a certain
distinguished British anthro journal (if you don't know which one...) is
changing its name as we speak and the sexism of the soon-to-be-former name
is probably at least part of the reason why." Of course, I don't know for
certain that sexism was part of the reason...Anyone out there part of the

The new name will be Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute
(incorporating Man) and it will start this year. I saw a notice on the back
of the program to the AAA meetings this year.

So there you have it. Things change.

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