Re: The Meaning of *Man* (N.S.)

Timothy Roufs (troufs@D.UMN.EDU)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 00:04:39 -0600

The journal *Man* is changing its name. Are you out of touch, or do they
agree with you?

On Tue, 3 Jan 1995, William Rodman wrote:

> In the debate over gendered language, no-one has mentioned the
> fact that one of Britain's (and, for that matter, the world's) leading
> journals of anthropology is called - simply - *Man* (N.S.). Say what you
> will about the content of the new *American Anthropologist*, even Ruby
> Rohrlich and Marius Johnston might agree that the name of the AAA's
> journal is gender neutral. *Man*, in contrast, seems to me a tainted name
> for a journal that aspires to represent the state of the anthropological
> art. Does the name of the journal reflect the conservatism (or worse) of
> its editorial board? The retention of the old name is even more baffling
> because, until recently, Marilyn Strathern (whose feminist and
> intellectual credentials are in very good order) edited the journal. It
> would be interesting to know if any of our British colleagues are
> following the gendered/language thread on Anthro-L, and what they think of
> *Man* and the issues the name of the journal raises.
> Bill Rodman
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