John Ford (John.Ford@JCU.EDU.AU)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 10:35:53 +1000

Amongst other things Lief M. Hendrickson writes:

"Hey guys! The sun has gone down, and it's a bit chilly in this
lair. How 'bout some nice Ruby hot flames to warm the air!"

This is the sort of ant-intellectualism that serves to legitimate
inequalities to which Ruby and others object. And so do I.

The object in Lief's words is to portray women as emotional subjects and
therefore irrational. This serves to marginalise women while empowering
"guys". It is a form of violence.

Bruce Kapferer, (1989) is concerned with understanding how the experiential
world is c omprehended in everyday practice and beliefs - how nationalism
in a particularly ideological form contains within it the potential for
racially orientated violenc e. Elsewhere, Kapferer expands on his use of
the word violence. Violence is not r estricted and "covers a range of
phenomena from killing to the violence of racial intolerance and other modes
of oppression" (Kapferer, 1990: 75). His argument can extend to sexism.

I object to being 'classified' as one of the 'guys'.

john ford