Help with date notations

Eugenie C. Scott (ncse@CRL.COM)
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 15:20:07 -0800

This is Molleen Matsumura writing. Genie Scott has been kind enough to
let me use her email address to ask a question of this list's participants.

As many of you already know, some scholars prefer to substitute "BCE"
("Before Common Era") and "CE" ("Common Era") for the date notations of
"BC/AD". The reasoning is that the new usage represents a
universalization, so that non-Christian scholars can use the Western
dating system (which is at least broader than referring to dynastic dates
as so many societies have done) without implicitly agreeing to Christian
However, many publishers simply perceive the usage as non-standard, and
don't want to accept the BCE/CE usage from their authors. I'm trying to
document this usage. Can you give me examples of authors and scholarly
publications (including addresses) that use this notation? To reply
personally, write to
Thanks for your help!