PC and Tolerance

John Ford (John.Ford@JCU.EDU.AU)
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 18:35:34 +1000

Is 1995 the International Year of Tolerance or not?

Tolerance: The disposition to be patient and fair towards those whose
opinions or practices differ fron one's own - an allowable variation in
some characteristic...

So what's allowable?

Written in 1974 Humphrey McQueen had something to say about racism. With
modification his words may also refelct sexism

"If racism was nothing more than a set of false beliefs it would not be so
bad. It would not even matter very much if people expressed their
nonsensical views in public. Aborigines (read women) could live with that
just as re-headed children survive being teased and nicknamed. What
Aborigines cannot survive is when these attitudes are expressed not sas
words but as death-rates, low wages, unemployment and the loss of their
ancestral land".

Something similar made be said of the current PC thread. The majority of
men seem to talking about 'the words' - women about 'social outcomes'
that lie behind those 'words'.

Am I listening?

john ford