Re: AA Editorial Policy

Sat, 24 Feb 1996 14:40:52 EST

Bob Graber seemed to equate dropping AA with leaving the AAA. I believe this is in error. If
one joins GAD (oops, forgot the new name) one automatically gets the AA, but one can belonmg
to Culture and Agriculture, get the AN and be in AAA without having to get the AA. Isn't that

I suspect that some people wish to merely drop AA at least as a form of protest. This is
equivalent to a boycott of a product, such as grapes, in order to achieve a change in policy
or practice of some kind.

What seems to be most troubling is the stridency of those who take a scientific view of
anthropology. At the same time, I have alwyas believed that there was room in anthropology
for both a humanistic and a scientific anthropology. This view now seems naive, I guess. I
suspect that the views will