The Hoopla over the AAA

Marie E. Seitz (MarieEliz@AOL.COM)
Sat, 24 Feb 1996 03:31:51 -0500

I can both agree and disagree with Graber. I find that as a grad student in
physical anthro, I need the support of the AAPA rather than that of the AAA
at this point in time (mostly because of money contraints). Eventually I
might join the AAA. However, the AAA is lacking in physical anthropology.

I agree with Graber in that grad programs are currently "downsizing" their
general anthropology requirements, which are an essential part of our
education. I want to know that if I am asked to teach a course called, say,
"Introduction to Anthropology," I would be able to and not feel like an
idiot. My qualifying exam covered only physical anthropology. Are we moving
in a direction that will be beneficial to the anthropologists of the future?
Should we be moving in this direction?

Marie Papachatzis
Dept. of Anthropology
SUNY at Buffalo