Re: Windows 95

Fri, 23 Feb 1996 20:17:18 -0600

Enough of this PC vrs MAC Cold War Ideology. Join the AMIGA underground!


On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, Danny Yee wrote:

> The thread is off topic, but I can't resist.
> > Bosley_J writes:
> > "PS--Off topic, but does anybody else hate Windows 95 as much as I do? What a
> > piece of junk!"
> > Become an advanced and progressive hominid! Get a Mac!
> Give me Linux any day. Unix had all the "new" features of Windows
> 95 and then lots -- twenty years ago!
> But if I have to use one of those pitiful excuses for operating
> systems foisted on the world by marketing, I'll take MacOS over
> Windows any day. One big reason is that the Windows "paradigm" has
> this complicated apparatus of program groups and icons AS WELL AS the
> underlying file system structure. With the Mac those things are one
> and the same. And Macs are just much easier to use. [My gainfull
> employment involves looking after 60 Macs and 10 Windows machines, and
> the 10 Windows machines are as much work as all the Macs put together.]
> Danny Yee.