Re: Cambridge Univ. Press

S.E. Rostas (ser12@CUS.CAM.AC.UK)
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 13:11:26 +0000

Thanks Marsha for your posting on the CUP debacle.

But can you tekk me how to subscribe to H-SAE? To send a message I need
more information than that.


Susanna Rostas

On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Marsha Jane Brofka wrote:

> In short, Cambridge University Press recently decided not to publish the
> manuscript of Anastasia Karakasidou, _Field of Wheat, Hills of Blood_,
> for fear of a terrorist response in Greece. In response, Michael
> Herzfeld and Stephen Gudeman have both resigned from CUP's editorial
> board and have called for a moratorium on reviews for and manuscripts to
> CUP. This situation has been discussed pretty extensively over the last
> week or two on H-SAE (the H-Net list for the Society for the Anthropology
> of Europe).
> Rather than attempt to present a complete account of the
> situation (and probably muddle most of the details), I'll refer you to
> H-SAE. There, you can find statements from CUP, as well as
> Herzfeld/Gundeman's statements and letters of resignation. I'm pretty
> sure that you can gopher to the H-SAE archives, but I don't know the
> address offhand. (Perhaps someone else out there can help with this?)
> Marsha Brofka