AA Editorial policy

Thu, 22 Feb 1996 17:25:23 EST

I am very grateful also for stating the issues so clearly regarding
the current AA. I have waited to see if it would get any better, but
when I saw what was in store for the next issue (from the
Newsletter), I decide there was no reason to keep on with the AA.
So, I will let my subscription lapse.

The same reasons as others: (1) exclusive policy, (2) little benefit
relative to the cost, (3) undecipherable articles, (4) uninteresting
articles. Perhaps the center of the discipline has moved to Current

The decline of the four fields is a curious one, too. It has always
struck me a odd that many of those people arguing strongest for the
Four Field approach give short shrift to Linguistics. Others have
noticed this, too.

Finally, what about adding the "Fifth Subdiscipline" - Applied
Anthropology - to the other four as part of the basic coursework,
information, students need to be well rounded anthropologists?


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