Our Association (AAA)

Thu, 22 Feb 1996 14:22:29 CST

I share the disappointment of many anthropologists--and aspiring
anthropologists--with the recent reorientation of *American
Anthropologist*. Many anthropologists I respect have left the
association, and it sounds like many more are considering doing so.
Some, such as Melvin and Carol Ember, are even exploring the possibility
of forming a new professional organization (under the ad hoc name,
"Committee for Empirical Anthropology"). While I share their concerns,
I am not ready to abandon the AAA ship. Here is a venerable
organization that has served us well since anthropology's emergence as a
distinct scholarly discipline. It offers membership rates that, though
perhaps seeming high absolutely, are very modest for a major
professional affiliation; and substantially lower rates are available
for students. I urge all those who think of themselves as professional
anthropologists, or hope soon to think so of themselves, to join (or
rejoin). I say: fork over the fee, make your feelings known, and try to
be optimistic about the future of general anthropology: things are bad
enough already! --Bob Graber