Re: ethnomusicology

N. Bannister - L. Maners (landn@AZSTARNET.COM)
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 20:14:57 -0700

Eric, the classic text is Merriam's The Anthropology of Music, still a
very useful introductory text, despite it's age. Unfortunately, it
doesn't come with a tape. These days, I'm recommending a CD collection of
examples of "world" music. It's called Voices of Forgotten Worlds and
contains an illustrated book (though it's not a textbook) and two CDs.
It's Ellipsis Arts ISBN#1-55961-221-5 $34.95 I'd be happy to help your
colleague out, if they would care to contact me directly.
Regards, Lynn

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, ERIC SILVERMAN wrote:

> A colleague and I are interested in any suggestions as to good introductory
> books on ethnomusicology that come with a tape of music, i.e., that can form
> the basis (or the essentials) of theory, ethnographic discussion, and
> representative music from around the world (the colleague, by the way, is
> not an anthropologist, but someone in the school of music).
> Again, what we are really interested in are intro books that focus not on a
> single culture, but instead give an overview of the field, methods, theories,
> and introduce students to the range of world musical traditions.
> But, any suggestions along with way would be great.
> (Oh, the inclusion of actual recordings is very important!)
> Thanks,
> Eric Silverman.