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Doug Weller (dweller@RAMTOPS.DEMON.CO.UK)
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 07:18:26 +0000

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Ronald Kephart <> wrote:

> (I think I am correct in saying that) Andean peoples also had wheels, although
> they were apparently used only for toys (?). And while we're on the subject,

Mesoamerica actually, can't pinpoint it more right now.
> believe they also had a system of roads longer than the famed Roman one.

Incan 'road' system was about 25 000 miles. I'd imagine the Roman
road system -- British Isles, Europe, part of Asia, northern Africa,
would have been longer -- and in any case the 'roads' were quite
different, so you really aren't comparing like with like.

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