Re: history and anthropology the wedding

Emiliano Lo Manto (lomanto@UNIVE.IT)
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 02:20:40 +0100

I absolutely agree with D.A.Foss: the wall between History and Anthropology
belongs to an old fashion way to interpretate the spirit of both disciplines.
As Italian I can think of several examples where History and
Anthropology interact together...the italian "Microhistory", founded
(inititated) by Carlo Ginzburg and Giovanni Levi is a clear sign of how
History needs anthropological categories.
A good introduction to the debate on "microhistory" and its
anthropological implications is offered by> G.LEVI, _On Microhistory_, in
the collection of essays edited by P. BURKE,_New perspective in contemporary
History_ ,CUP, 1993 (I think...or '92 maybe).

Even if I am not very well acquainted with the specific north american
context, the fact that D.KERTZER's book (family life in central italy, I
am quoting by heart...) won the annual prize for best italian history book
shows that the dialogue between Historians and Anthropologists it's a very
solid and proficuos one

Emiliano Lo Manto
Universita' di Venezia