you want me to do it instead

Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 15:18:40 CST

Ruby you can always call upon me to abuse you if you don't like the Enemies
the untamed forces of Nature and the Market supplied you with. The etymology
of "vilify" is to call someone a "villein," or serf. If you don't like forced
labour in the fields, you are welcome to cook for me punctually in the Manor
House, while I lie around enjoying cultivated leisure; work degrades the Mind.

I took an oath, the dead-of-night I learned the PTF Secret Handshake, to
"meet the Special Needs" of any Paranoid Brother or Sister unable to find
compatible or predictable abuse, fear, or inimical conjuration. To ease the
burden on the Paranoid Community, and for alleviation of isolation, anomie,
and the blahs, we of course have Meet Your Enemies Night, where you have the
Usual Privileges.

This is no Plot! Think of you-know-who that were a Disease only thirty
years ago, whom I cannot mention for Fear of Retaliation, and are now a
thriving quasi-ethnic community (or communities, depending on how many you
count). Let us never forget the up-and-coming subculture of those Abducted
by gray slugs and raped. Complacency is Death! Oh, Adrienne Dearmas is In On
The Whole Thing, because she wrote and asked what the hell I was doing. So
did someone who wrote in to complain that I was interfering with the Persecu-
tion you justly deserved, armenia Online was charging her money for reading
the post, and besides she'll Tell On Me to everyone I know, meaning the Chicago
Gold Coast; she doesn't, however, know the Streetwise vendors in the El.

Secret Information has reached me that Adrienne Dearmas is Basically Good.
Any anthropologist who doesn't recognize the essential Ritual Defilement
character of ciggie smoking has something wrong with her. This does not of
course apply to a "him" or an "it." Mary Douglas died of lung cancer for your

Daniel A. Foss