Re: American Anthropologist

Wed, 21 Feb 1996 11:50:24 -0500

This topic was discussed about a year ago on this list. I raised concerns at the
April (1995) meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists and
received assurance that there was no change in policy and the only reason
physical anthropology was poorly represented was the lack of manuscripts
submitted. After observing the AA issues through 1995 I terminated my
subscription after 14 years because the journal is no longer relevant to my
interests. The substance of Mike Salovesh's posting confirms what I have heard
from other sources about the conscious editorial slant.

I think this is a shame because I have considered myself broad in interests
within anthropology and related fields. I did look forward to articles in
cultural ecology, archaeology, religion, and other non-physical areas. Ending my
subscription means terminating my membership in AAA. I did not really want to go
that far, but frankly the journal and newsletter are nearly all I have gotten
from the organization. The demise of 4-field anthropology in the US has long
been heralded. If nothing is done to the AA soon, I fear that demise is
complete. My last formal tie to the other fields of anthro is this computer

The University of Indianapolis is currently developing a human biology program
at both undergraduate and masters levels. Although the school does teach
cultural anthro and archaeology within the social sciences department, we
physical anthropologists are housed, along with the HB programs, in the biology
department. Is this the future of physical anthropology?