Re: Ayn Rand Institute

Kathy Heldenbrand (heldenbk@GROVE.UFL.EDU)
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:56:50 -0500

At 8:13 PM 2/19/96, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:
>Why not express your own sentiments and beliefs as an individual
>anthropologist, post such a message on this list, as an example of how to
>deal with their propaganda, starting a new thread. Ruby Rohrlich
Dr. Rohrlich,

Excellent idea!!!

I accessed the Institute's Website and got only as far as the second page
then received a message that the server was busy. Must be either down, or
extremely busy. I did get the opportunity to read a bit of their
literature. I'm not versed at all in the philosophy of the woman but her
forebearers seem to focus on and support these ideologies: individualism (
as opposed to multiculturalism),individual self-interest (they discuss a
fictional novel written by Ms. Rand which details a frightening (their
word) futuristic society where "even the word 'I' has been forgotten"),
satisfying MAN'S ego (they identify animal protectionists as MAN haters),
and capitalism (apparently will save all the 'savages' from wrack(sp?) and

They also have a graduate school of philosophy which they call
"Objectivism". They are also running a high school student essay contest.
That would be a hoot! Gather all the responses from this list, turn it
into an essay and then enter into their contest!

The graphics on their Website is interesting also. They almost look like
something you'd see in a White Supremist publication (which I'm sure this
topic is very much apart of their philosophy, also). The graphics are of
very Aryan looking MEN. I guess it could be safe to say that they don't
have much to say about WOMEN as separate individuals.

I'm always surprised and frightened when I find something like this has
been going on and I've no clue about it. To tackle something which entails
every aspect of what anthropology is NOT, I feel as lost to respond as
Dr. Kephart. Using your suggestion, though, I could tackle the area in
which I am interested in and that is refugee resettlement in the US. I'm
sure they have a lot to say about this topic!

So I will take a while to develop something and then post it for review.

Kathleen Heldenbrand

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is everything's gonna be quite alright, my friends,
'cause I got one hand in my pocket,
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