Re: Europe and the Americas

holmberg joseph marv (z961639@OATS.FARM.NIU.EDU)
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 15:48:37 -0600

I can recall examples of materials obtained from Aztec Empire into areas
like Sioux Nations...they are coloured beads, tonquine (misspelled?)
materials, and ideas were spread. It was all on the televised documentry
titled, "500 Nations". It's much like the Old World trade route...Roman
coins being found in China, silk being found all over Middle East,
Africa, and Rome. They were the result of "Middlemen"....Two opposite
places trading thru a central place. However, I don't profess myself as
professional in this subject, or even let alone hold Doctorate degree in
Archeogoloical subjects or any subject related. Let's say I am very
interested in history. However, I could like to hear from people who
studied the period of pre-1492 Americas.