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On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Doug Weller wrote:

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> > had cities that could put the largest European city (Paris) at that time
> > to shame. And it was said that at the time Colombus reached the New
> > World, Aztecs and Mayans were already 800 years ahead of Europeans at
> > Mathemetics, and 1200 years at astronomy.
> Without putting down the Aztecs and Mayans, does this mean that we
> still have a long way to go to catch up with them?
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> Doug Weller ***'De Chelonian Mobile!'***
No, I believe not so. They are civilized by their own standards. As far
as I am concerned, any group, tribe, or civilization who is armed with
the appreciation of arts, languages, and customs is already civilized in
my book! What point I am trying to declare is that the 500 nations from
North America to the areas of MesoAmerica had made a lot of progress
according to their standards. Trade routes can be traced all over the
most of the materials of Aztec Empire can be found in the
Sioux Nation, or Inuits traded their ivories thru Navajo into Atzecs, who
eventually turned to Incas.