Kephart re: Rand pages

James Burton (jhburton@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU)
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 09:15:18 -0600

about Buchannan's monkey business <and there are FAR more scary things!>.
And it ocurrs to me that these folks, as well as the Arayan Nations,
etc....are putting out web pages for the broad internet audience. I am
certain that, among all the anthropology departments and individual
anthropologists, the net resources are vastly greater, but it seems our web
documents are mostly directed toward each other...quite useful resources,
but mostly for ourselves. If anthropologists (not to mention the
professional societies) were to begin to make anthropology available on the
web to the might (should!) be a medium of unimagined potential
to inform the public. I suspect this is what our best kind of rejoinder
might be! My own web docs have been for the archaeological community, but
I will take the initiative to try to make my own work available <and you
get to include lotza cool graphics!> for the broad (indeed!!) web audience.
If many of us do this, it might go a long way in dealing with this kind of
(Which would have more authority: Rand's 'wilderness' or anthropology pages
with illustrations of preColumbian cities??).

J. Burton / Anthropology Dept. / Univ. Wisconsin-Madison