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Mon, 19 Feb 1996 13:21:00 CDT

Voices for Evolution ALSO has statements from a wide variety of OTHER religious
demoninations regarding their abiding support for evolution as the basis of
life and biological processes on earth. It's a good reference work to have on
your shelf.

Available from the National Center for Science Education <ncse@crl.com>.

Andrew Petto, Editor
National Center for Science Education, c/o Department of Anthropology
University of WIsconsin, 1180 Observatory Drive, MADISON WI 53706-1393
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If he is not a Catholic, he is going after the Catholic vote. Is this what you

"Cosmogeny itself speaks to us of origins of the universe and its makeup, not in
order to provide us with a scientific treatise but in order to state the correct
relationship of man with God and with the universe. Sacred scripture wishes
simply to declare that the world was created by God, and in order to teach this
truth, it expresses itself in the terms of the cosmology in use at the time of
the writer. The sacred book likewise wishes to tell men that the world was not
created as the seat of the gods, as was taught by other cosmogonies and
colmologies, but was rather created for the service of man and the glory of God.
Any other teaching about the origin and make up of the universe is alien to the
intentions of the Bible, which does not wish to teach how heaven was made but
how one goes to heaven."
Pope John Paul II, Address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 3 October
[From B. McCollister, ed., 1989. Voices for Evolution. Berkeley: NCSE. P. 62.]

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