Re: Ayn Rand Institute

holmberg joseph marv (z961639@OATS.FARM.NIU.EDU)
Mon, 19 Feb 1996 13:16:20 -0600

Hearing all of this regarding the supposedly lack of progess in the
American Natives' Nations...It made me so enraged to witness this
ingornace. I can safely assure that the fact of Indians never made any
progress at all is invalid. They *DO* have written system of languages,
even consisutions to found their nations on. They even studied astronomy,
Mathemetics, even had their own version of governments. To show how much
progress Natives made, I strongly suggest for anyone who is interested in
this subject, to watch a docoumentry titled, "500 Nations". They will
explain the trade routes developed centuries before Europeans thought
about it. They even performed their brain surgeries in 1200s. They even
had cities that could put the largest European city (Paris) at that time
to shame. And it was said that at the time Colombus reached the New
World, Aztecs and Mayans were already 800 years ahead of Europeans at
Mathemetics, and 1200 years at astronomy.