Part-time Faculty Appointment Procedure Inquiry

Tim Wallace (tim@SERVER.SASW.NCSU.EDU)
Mon, 19 Feb 1996 12:17:35 +0000

Dear Colleagues,

My department is beginning a review of its policies regarding
employment conditions for Part-time and Visiting Faculty. I have been
charged with getting some comparative background data before we start.
Hence I writing to this list to ask if anyone would be willing to share
with me (off-list) your department's or unit's practices regarding the
hiring, contracts, rights, responsibilities and other matters relating to
visiting faculty employed in academic affairs (i.e., primarily
teaching). If you are willing to write to me about this, please provide
some information regarding the following items listed below. In return, I
would be willing to share with you the results of my survey. While this
survey is aimed primarily at tenure-track and tenured faculty and
administrators, I would welcome as well information and comments from
colleagues who are or who have been visiting or part time faculty.

A. What is the name of your university/college?

B. What is the name of your department?

1: Approximately what percentage of your total number of students are
taught by part time faculty each semester or quarter?

2. Approximately how many part time faculty have you employed each
semester/quarter since Fall 1994?

3. What are the minimum duties expected of a part-time faculty person?
(e.g. office hours for students, advising, faculty meetings, etc.)

4. Do your part-time faculty receive benefits?

4a. health?

4b. retirement contributions from the institution?

4c. other?

5. What is the usual length of a part time, visiting faculty member's

5a. Is it automatically renewed?

5b. Is there a limit to the number of semesters/quarters/years a
part time faculty member may teach at your institution after which that
person may not be re-hired?

5c. Are there any special cases?

5d. Does it happen that sometimes a visiting, part time faculty
member becomes a full-time member of the faculty? on tenure track? How
often does this happen?

6. What is the typical procedure followed for hiring a part time,
visiting faculty member?

7. Are part time faculty evaluated in any way for their teaching
ability? If so, how is this carried out?

8. How would you describe the degree to which your faculty
have been able to make the visiting faculty feel at home in
your department?

8a. What has your department done to facilitate this?

8b. What do you think the visiting, part time faculty like about
your department?

8c. What do you think the visiting, part time faculty would like
to see changed, if anything, about their contract with your department?

9. Other Comments about your experiences with (or as a) part time faculty?

Thank you very much for responding. If you have any questions, do not
hesitate to contact me.

Tim Wallace
Sociology & Anthropology
N.C. State U.
Box 8107, Raleigh, NC 27695