Alaska arch opportunity (fwd)

Mon, 19 Feb 1996 09:42:51 -0500

Anne Jensen, Glenn Sheehan, and I have a program near Barrow, Alaska,
sponsored by the National Science Foundation, called the Maritime
Archaeology Project--Pingasagruk. We're going into our third and last
field season this summer and have been focusing on Pingasagruk, a
prehistoric whalers' village 45 miles down the coast southwest from
Barrow. We are asking $1500 US from participants to cover any amount
of time up to two weeks, plus $200 for each week thereafter. Participants
must get to Barrow on their own; we will arrange travel to our site, but
they must coordinate arrival and departure with our supply schedule unless
they want to pay for their own charter (about $350 in and $350 out). The
field season runs from around 19 June to 3 August. At additional cost,
time working in our field laboratory at Barrow's Arctic Sivunmun Ilisagvik
College can be arranged. Lab work will continue until mid-August. College
credit can be arranged (at institutional costs) through the University of
Indianapolis, Bryn Mawr College, or Arctic Sivunmun Ilisagvik College.

Gregory A. Reinhardt, Chair e-mail: Reinhardt@Gandlf.Uindy.Edu
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