Re: Jodies as resistance (long, with examples)

Juli Theresa Mock (jtmock@CATS.UCSC.EDU)
Sun, 18 Feb 1996 14:16:13 -0800

> **************************************************
> Sometimes, Jody is constructed as a bad influence, a civilian with whom
> the soldier still has contact. I have a rather vague recollection of a
> Jody in which the soldier confesses to having been down by the railroad
> tracks smoking dope or drinking whisky with Jody. Anyone out there
> remember that one?
Judith - I believe it's Whiskey Jack you're thinking of, not Jody -

Hey, He-ey Whiskey Jack
Meet me down by the railroad tracks
With a bottle in your hand
I'm gonna be a drinkin' man.

Are we right or wrong?
We're right
Are we weak or strong?
We're strong

(Then cadence - )
Sound off
Sound off
Take it on down
One two three four one two - - three four

Juli Mock