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Antoinette Errante (aerrante@MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU)
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Dear colleagues,

=46irst let me say, I've been fascinated by the recent discussions on dance
and drill - totally out of my field!! I am putting together a course on
comparative perspectives of education and democratization. Although the
bulk of the course is devoted to case studies of transitions to
"democracies" (as defined by the countries themselves) from the left and
right, the first part of the course is devoted to theoretical and
philosophical notions of education and democratization or more broadly, the
role which education plays in the political process. My background is more
in sociology so I've been able to gather the sociological spin on political
socialization. However, other than A.F.C. Wallace's (1961) piece on
"Schools in Conservative and Revolutionary Societies", I haven't had much
luck gathering anthropological peices on the subject Could any of you
comment on the folowing:

(1) Where does Wallace "fit" in anthroplogical literature on education and
is there a thread of theory that follows/precedes him on this issue?
(2) Any suggestions of how I might find other works of note?
(3)I would like to make the discussion of ideas regarding the role of
education in democratization/political life as truly comparative as
possible. Can anyone suggestion any writings on non-western ideas about
democracy. If they address education - groovy - but even broader works
would be of interest.

Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.

Antoinette Errante

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