Re: random thoughts on Jody

Mr. E (jackechs@EROLS.COM)
Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:05:35 -0500

While my boot camp experiences (Army Infantry 1984 and Navy 1987) are
relatively long ago; from what I've read in military news kinder and gentler
cadences have replaced the old traditional ones. I believe this only
relates to the sexually explict verses ... the violence is probably still
there. But then who wants a non-violent soldier in war?

At 10:09 AM 02/17/96 -0500, Maria Swora wrote:
>I am thoroughly enjoying the (now) multiple threads on dance and drill. I'd
>like to offer some thoughts on the contents of Army cadence calls ("jodies")
>for consideration.

thank you for your time and space ... respectfully submitted,

Anthony Dean Dauer

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