Re: symbolic foods

Robin Stephenson (rstephenson@CASTLES.COM)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 22:47:31 -0800

First to Jessica congrats and best of luck! The Chinese have
many/most foods that have significant meaning within the culture.
For marriage two shrimp can be prepared on a plate in somewhat of
a ying/yang pattern of broccoli. The shrimp, one white (fried) and one
in a red sauce are placed in the middle of the pattern. They are
representative of the Mandarin Duck which mates for life.

I'm very excited that you put this post on here because I am doing an
honors project with two other students regarding just this subject.
We are trying to put together a cookbook that relates cultural
relativism. The idea is to put together a list of recipes that
celebrate a holiday or festival of some culture and then write an
essay along with it that not only explains the symbolic meaning of
the food, but how it revitalizes that cultures meaning and to show
how food is such a holistic part of culture, often derived from the
enviroment and resourses available. It's an exciting project for us
and we are learning in the process (particularily about legalities
which at first we had no concept of). At any rate, if anyone on this
list has any recipes they would like to share with us (or advise)
please email me (address at bottom). I do need to say that if you
send me a recipe your name will be printed with the recipe but all
proceeds will go to the Solano Community College Anthropology Club
for any profit from the book. (we are hoping to perhaps start a
scholarship). As well, all recipes must be original (no
pre-copyrighted material). Thank you in advance.

Robin Stephenson