Re: Ruby's inability to use e-mail

Mark W. Barrows (barrowsm@AGATE.NET)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 19:48:11 -0600

At 03:31 PM 2/16/96 -0500, Keith Dever <kdever@CALSTATELA.EDU> wrote:

>I appologize for committing the sin which I am chastising, but I must
>ascertain if I am in the minority in this opinion...that being that if Dr.
>Rohrlich replied privately, this would be a nicer place.

At the risk of fanning the flames I'll state for the public record my
agreement with Mr. Dever. It would be a *much* nicer place if Ms. Rohrlich
would carry on much of her discussions with private email.

Also for the record, I'm the one that a couple days ago, after downloading
my first 20 posts from this list terminated my subscription in disgust and
posted the "Where's the playground monitor?" post. After receiving a number
of private email replies from sympathetic and supportive folks, who assured
me that there were discussions of substance carried out in civility on this
list and urging me to give it a second chance, I resubscribed. I also
received replies from several others who had decided to quit the list for
the same reasons I had and one snide, hostile message.

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