Re: Ruby's inability to use e-mail

Keith Dever (kdever@CALSTATELA.EDU)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 15:31:26 -0500

This List would be am much more pleasant place if the replies that Ruby
initiated would be sent only to the person (not the list). I have tried
communicating via direct e-mail and no response, either personal or public.
I tend to think that she doesn't read mail sent directly to her or only
replies to flames. I doubt that is true but she continues to sent her
replies to everyone and thus incites public retorts.

The post below is really misplaced. hjmartin wasn't addressing her, he was
addressing the issue that she is a participant in. I have read many posts to
the sanity and professionalism of Dr. Rohrlich, but I still wonder why she
has yet to figure out how to use her e-mail. I think she should stop
screaming "feminist baiter" because she is really baiting the replies by
posting her replies publicly.

I appologize for committing the sin which I am chastising, but I must
ascertain if I am in the minority in this opinion...that being that if Dr.
Rohrlich replied privately, this would be a nicer place.

Two last comments. Dr. Rohrlich, I am sorry for posting about you in the 3d
person, but you don't reply directly to me (or indirectly for that matter).

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth on a tiresome topic,

>If you are again writing to me, hjmartin, you should address me by name.
>I am not responsible for the fact that a couple of women on this list
>(40% of the list are women) attack me. I have not responded to
>Adrienne's six or seven messages flaming me. Why? I don't know and
>don't care. Ruby Rohrlich
>On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, hjmartin wrote:
>> Adrienne wrote:
>> >Ruby might remember me as the one she refused to speak to <
>> snip>misunderstanding <snip> last November. <snip>have never
>> met<snip>.....flames.......<snip>
>> Danger ahead.
>> Watch for deer.
>> Falling rocks.
>> Dangerous curves.
>> Workers working, use caution.
>> Stop the ringing, sweethearts.
>> Stop it. Please?
>> -----------------------------
>> How about a thread on why functionalism and structuralism were discarded
>> (discredited?)?
>> Regards,
>> JMartin