Re: Sweetheart?

Ruby Rohrlich (rohrlich@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 14:16:13 -0500

8 potshots to one of mine, and that one can't be compared to his
scurriliness. Or do you issue such a message when women make any kind of
reply except absolute silence. Ruby Rohrlich

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Seth D Messinger wrote:

> Why is this publicly addressed? I am not defending Professor Halloway
> despite our mutual affiliation, its just that I don't see why this
> ridiculous nonsense has to continue. You/we are supposed to be
> professionals and with that comes a certain responsibility to uphold
> standards of excellence in our work and to refrain from assaults on each
> other. I am in a rage about this, in case you all haven't been paying
> attention a lot of people are saying that the "rome" of anthropology is
> burning and y'all are just fiddling around. Now let's criticize the hell
> out of each other's ideas, but the name calling and the baiting and the
> "flaming" and the arguing demeans the profession of anthropology and the
> worth of our degrees.
> -- Seth
> On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:
> > Don't worry,Professor Holloway. I can't imagine ever, under any
> > circumstances, for any reason at all, wanting to call you sweetheart.
> > You in the same category as Mike Salavesh? What rubbish. Ruby Rohrlich
> >
> >
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