Re: "sweetheart?"

Laurie Schacherbauer (LAURIES@MERCURY.UARK.EDU)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 09:34:17 CST

Ruby Rohrlic wrote in response to my question of her use of the word

> I suspect that your second message merely reveals your antagonism to me,
> and your wish to be considered one of the boys. Good luck to you in your
> endeavors. Ruby Rohrlich

Actually, the second message reveals the fact that I thought I sent
the first message to the wrong address. Get over it.

Am I correct in assuming that by using the term "one of the boys" you
are inferring that I am selling out Womankind? You think that I am
eager to be included in the "good ole boy" network that keeps women
from advancing in the working world? I am proud to be a
woman, am grateful for those who came before who made being a woman
in the 90's much more fulfilling than it was for my grandmother, and
I am eager to make it even better for my two daughters. I am
in the Army and think that women who want to go into battle should be
able to. I am a tom-boy in many respects, however, I also enjoy
wearing lingerie, getting flowers from my husband, and being told I
am sexy. My take on being a Feminist means I control my fate,
financially, socially and sexually. I think Anita Hill was shafted,
but I also think that Hillary Clinton is inclined to bitchiness.

Respectfully, Laurie Schacherbauer