Re: Fishing

Brian Valimont (bcvstu@WESTGA.EDU)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 10:08:00 -0500

Fishing, gathering and hunting(for which I will use the abbereviation
F/G/H) and Gathering and Hunting (abbrev.-G/H) are different not only in
the technology required, but represent two vey distinct forms of adaption
to the environment. Technologically, one can stun fish with a natural
deririved substance inducing paralysis, then a fisherperson can spear
it, scoop it up, even pick it up with your bare hands. As far as I know,
there is no comparable technology for paralyzing terrestrial animals.

But the major difference is one of specific adaptational environment (see
Moran or Pianka for sources). When a soceity fishes, it adapts to a
coastal or riverine environment. This allows a different set of
precepts then a society that adapts to terrestrial hunting (gathering
aside for the moment, as fishing is the point of disscusion).
Nutritionally, there is a distinct difference between those of a
marine/riverine diet and those of a G/H diet. For instance, one cannot
do Carbon/Nitrogen isotope nutritional analysis on coastal peoples, as the
marine resources alter the ratio, and one cannot date absolutely when and if
coastal peoples relied on a corn based diet. Yet, this type of analysis
can be and is performed on G/H populations with some degree of
accuracy(see a U Florida dissertaion from the late 70's on U Michigan
microfiche, I reget that I cannot remember the authors name). The
nutritional constituents of the F/G/H diet are distinctly different from
the G/H diet

Brian Valimont