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Shalom Zaidfeld (yu145850@YORKU.CA)
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 22:38:42 -0500

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Mr. E wrote:

> Why is fishing and hunting not the same? One can catch/kill a fish in the
> same manner one can catch/kill land roaming animals. I remember a debate in
> a philosophy class a while back ... one side basically abhored the idea of
> killing an animal for food, while having no quams with killing and eating
> fish. We didn't come out with any definite conclusions. I'd appreciate

To me, it sounds the same. Either killing a fish or a land-based animal,
its the same act. Yet, you might try and explain it by saying the
becuase fish live in a different medium than land-based animals, this
difference might account to the different views.

> watched a documentary that proposed that early bipedal beings may have been
> scavengers subsiding on the remains of kills left by other scavengers.
> Specifically eating the marrow from the bones of the remains. Would this be
> an example of fisher-gatherer-scavenger-hunter ... or would scavenging (if
> done) be a subset of gathering?

personally, I would agree with you, saying that scavenging can be seen as
a subset of gathering. (Gather fruits or gather remains.. same action)

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