Re: Early Language

Iain Davidson (idavidso@METZ.UNE.EDU.AU)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 12:14:30 +1100

>"hunting-gathering." Did you put "gathering" first in recognition of the
>fact that in most g/h societies women's gathering provides the bulk of
>the food on a daily basis? Ruby Rohrlich
>I picked it up from Nancy Tanner, and it's not only women's
>gathering that makes it seem sensible to do, but the fact that
>men generally gather as well while, or after, they hunt.
>Jim Moore e-mail:

About 15 years ago I adopted (?invented) the phrase fisher-gatherer-hunter
because it puts the three components, without prejudice, in alphabetical
order. It appealed, of course, because gathering came before hunting, but
also because some of the societies grouped under this heading do/did rather
significant amounts of fishing which usually gets ignored in the naming.

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