Re: Fascinatin' Rhythm [Debate]

Ruby Rohrlich (rohrlich@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU)
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 23:49:27 -0500

my views about the significance of the dance in human evolution or
cross-culturally. Even in the United States there are many groups who do
genuine folk dancing both from Europe and in the U.S. Also I've seen
American Indians dance in their pueblos (it was a longtime ago, but I
think they were the Jiminez) and I've also gone to the theatre to see
American Indians dance what does seem to be native dancing. I love the
dance and go to see flamenca especially, which I recently learned has an
interesting derivation from Gypsies, Jews and others who expressed their
discontents and defiance that way. What I permitted myself to express
earlier were
some subjective reactions to the kind of dancing I like still to do.
. And after that fascinating posting from Mike Salavesh I'll never
complain about military drill again. It soun ds wild and way out; in a
word,thrilling. Ruby