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Wed, 14 Feb 1996 19:24:13 -0500

In both Army and Navy Basic Training I was taught that drill was to make us
work as a team ... as well as marching is the fastest way to get from point
A to B.

At 02:48 PM 02/14/96 -0500, Brian Valimont wrote:
>Isn't military drill (or any other sort of drill, such as educational),
>used today as repitition as means of reinforcement? When social groups
>engage in drill, it is often for the purpose of reiterating a series of
>motions or for repetition of information for the purpose of making them
>more autonomic.
>I would also argue that a parade lies in between drill and dance, as it
>stems from a more military function, yet is performed for entertainment.
>This would include associated activities such as flag team performance,
>and marching band choreography. Organized, synchronized group functions
>need not nessesarily be one or the other.
thank you for your time and space ... respectfully submitted,

Anthony Dean Dauer

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