Laurie Santos (lasantos@CSUPOMONA.EDU)
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 12:10:30 -0800

I just got on the list. My name is Laurie Santos. I am a senior at the
California State University Polytechnic in Pomona. I am originally from
San Leandro, California which is not far from Berkeley,San Francisco or
Santa Cruz. I would like to get into a grad school that has a good
program in primatology. I am interested in behavior,genetics,etc. I
would like to work with apes(orangutans,pygmy or common chimps,and
gorillas.) I was scrutinized for the messages that I first left regarding
this subject and I am sorry if I offended anyone; I was just looking for
some assistance regarding this matter, not scrutiny. I do
appreciate,however, the positive responses that were written to me. If
anyone can assist me of great schools to contact or professors to write,
please let me know! I appreciate all of those who have helped me thus far.
With much thanks,
Laurie Santos