Re: Fascinatin' Rhythm [Debate]

Peter D. Junger (junger@PDJ2-RA.F-REMOTE.CWRU.EDU)
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 10:07:31 -0500

Matthew Hill writes:

: On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:
: . . . .
: > military drill, which is used to impose uniformity not only in marching
: > but, along with similar practices, in thinking, as well, and perhaps
: > that's its main purpose. Very different from any kind of dancing, which
: > expresses ethos, joy, art, spontaneity, etc. Best wishes. Ruby
: >
: Here I can speak from observation. Having accompanied one of my kids to
: Dance Classes and Competitions for something like 10 years, I can testify
: that there is almost no joy, art only in the most technical sense and
: a complete lack of spontaneity in that particular sphere of dance. Drill
: yes spontaneity no.

Whereas drill teams can express joy, art of a sort that culture snobs
like Ruby Rohrlich deny, spontaneity (the whole team responding
instantly to the spontaneous and extemporaneous signals of the drill
leader), and lots of etc., but I don't know about ethos. (But isn't
there a military ethos?) But then, how can tell the drill team from
the dance?

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