CAE Committee #11

Brad M. Biglow (Brad.Biglow@NAU.EDU)
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 10:15:07 -0700

Greetings fellow ANTHAPers, ANTHRO-lers, and Educational enthusiasts!

Please excuse if you receive mulitple copies of this message as we would
like to reach as broad an audience as possible. Thanks!

A few of us gathered at the AAA meetings in D.C. to discuss the status and
direction of the Council on Anthropology and Education's Committee #11 on
Cultural and Educational Futures. Despite the low turnout for our meeting,
there was interest in maintaining the group on an ad-hoc advisory basis for
not only the CAE, but the GAD. Our affiliation as an official committee is
in jeopardy unless we have your support.

First, what is the purpose of CAE Committee #11? As far as our meeting in
December, we established our primary purpose as an 'advisory' to the AAA.
We hope to explore the future of not only the AAA as an organization, but
the impacts of culture change on research, be it in education at home or
abroad, or in third world nations. Committee #11 should be able to bridge
the gap between service and research by soliciting the CAE for a session on
speculative (futures-oriented) culture change. Whether the focus of the
session is new factors influencing anthropological research in the field, or
new directions in research, we are hoping the committee will be able to
cross-cut the various AAA societies and councils.

Second. How can you help? We are in need of additional members to support
our cause. If committee #11 is to resurface from the ashes, we need all of
the ideas and input you can give us. Jan Gamradt and myself appear to have
taken the initiative in getting this thing off the ground once again. You
can visit our home page at:

If you are interested in soliciting the CAE for a session at the upcoming
AAAs, please inform Jan or myself. Thanks!


Brad M. Biglow, M.A.
MIS Administrator--Athletics
Northern Arizona University